Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator

Sideart Project Page


This page has been created for the owners, operators and collectors of Sega's 1983 hit classic arcade release of Star Trek: SOS. The sideart was originally produced in three styles; Original upright dedicated, The Captain's Chair and Asteroids Conversion cabinets. The cabinets have seen their share of arcade action, have taken the punishment and abuse and 30 years later, well beyond their intended cycle of use the cosmetics are in sore need of restoration. To this end, the following images have been collected for the collector to rejuvinate his machine and bring it back to day one quality. This could not have been possible without the efforts of Dezbaz of KLOV who maintained these files for their historical value to the community. A special thanks goes out to him for his diligence. The only thing I ask in return for sharing these files to their original owners, is a copy of editted modifications to accomodate cabinet type, any edited work to specifically fit the Dedicated cabinet, Asteroids conversions and of course, the Captains Chair. This will help others restore their cabinets to original condition, and we appreciate any and all contributions in this effort.

Image Description
Cabinet Type
Thumbnail and download link
File Size
Star Trek Sideart/ Top Half
Generic PSD
141Mb Zipped 166Mb PSD
Star Trek Sideart/ Bottom Half
Generic PSD
111Mb Zipped 150Mb PSD
Star Trek Sideart/ Top Half
Generic TIFF
335Mb Zipped 407Mb TIF
Star Trek Sideart/ Bottom Half
Generic TIFF
284Mb Zipped 407Mb TIF
Star Trek Sideart/Full
Generic TIFF
300Mb Zipped 578Mb TIF
Control Panel
Generic PSD
81.9Mb Zipped 117Mb PSD
Control Panel Overlay/No Text Generic PSD
82.1Mb Zipped 117Mb PSD
Bezel with Instructions Generic PSD
22.6Mb Zipped 22.8Mb PSD
Star Trek Bezel Generic TIFF
213Mb Zipped 290Mb TIF
Star Trek Bezel Generic PSD
144Mb Zipped 207Mb PSD
Marquee Type 1 Generic PSD
30.5Mb Zipped 22Mb PSD
Marquee Type 1 Generic TIF
71.1Mb Zipped 74Mb TIF
Marquee Type 1-1 Generic PSD
35.8Mb Zipped 50.8Mb PSD
Marquee Type 2 Generic TIF
19Mb Zipped 19.6Mb TIF